Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll

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Emily Carroll has this fantastical ability to create comic’s which contain not only beautiful illustrative scenes but a compelling and enrapturing narrative. Her line work and the way she creates characters with varying figure and face types shows her ability to develop and try out different characters while keeping her own distinct style of illustration. One example of Emily Carroll’s use of experimenting with illustration and storytelling is Margot’s room. Margot’s rooms starts of with a poem explaining the steps you will need to take to follow the story, this leads to the interactive step of choosing different objects in Margot’s room to understand the opening poem/story. What Emily Carroll creates are beautifully crafted short stories and fables that lead you through a elegantly drawn narrative which you are uncertain to how will end.

She also has these four panelled comic strips that act as a dream journal for her. There interesting to read as someone who enjoys her work as they form little snippets into her thought process.

Out Of Her Skin: http://emcarroll.com/comics/skin/
Dream Journals: http://emcarroll.com/comics/dreams/dreams.html
Margot’s room: http://emcarroll.com/comics/margot/
Emily Carroll’s Blog: http://emcarroll.blogspot.co.uk/
Emily Carroll Website: http://www.emcarroll.com/

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