Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends is a very morbid cartoon that masquerades as something you would let toddlers watch.
It starts off with a very cheerful title sequence aimed to bring a sense of comfort a familiarity to the viewer. Making them believe that it’s like any other cutesy child’s cartoon they set up typical situations, like a character afraid of flighting going on a flight, which you expect to be simply acknowledged and resolved within the space of the episode. However instead the episode ends with multiple characters disembowel and mutilated screaming in agony for a quick and painless death. (which some get and some don’t). Personally this format, though interesting, disturbs me. It takes solace in something sacred to most of us (childhood cartoon format) and transforms it into a violent massacre while keeping the same happy go luck overtones. I prefer violence and horror to be represented in the way Emily Carroll does, with a sense of foreboding and whimsical storytelling. Nevertheless I Can appreciate the writers and animators use of putting these to contrasting ideas together.


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