Marco Marco Collection 2

What I love about Marco’s Collection 2 is not only the clothes themselves, which portray a subculture of LGBTQIA (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-queer-intersex-asexual) community highlighting the fact that different minorities have alternative fashion movements happening alongside more main stream fashion movements. But the fact that Marco also chose to use models that represent the diversity of these sub-cultures as well as emphasising and severe lack of representation for LGBTQIA and people of colour within the fashion industry.

Not only is this important in showing people that there is not just one type model as well as questioning gender stereotypes, it’s very important to those who are being represented.
As Drag Official said “One of the main runway songs was ‘I don’t give a fuck’, but we give EVERY fuck. THIS IS EVERYTHING!”

Representation is important.

It’s a movement we see growing and becoming more and more integrated into other media’s such as television, in shows like Elementary, Sleepy Hollow and Orange Is The New Black. Along with children’s cartoons like Steven Universe and Adventure time. However there still isn’t enough equal representation of women, people of colour and people who come within the LGBTQIA spectrum. And it is important for adults and children to see people like themselves represented in a positive light. As the way you are represented effects the way you view yourself and how others view you.



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