Stacey Rozich

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On her Website it states that “Her work draws inspiration from a broad spectrum of cultural references, building scenarios pulled from a realm steeped in indigenous and contemporary symbolism. Rozich creates a parable for present day built on situational vignettes that are imagined through the lens of familiar fictional archetypes.

Deeply rooted in cultural tradition and ritual, these allegorical accounts join ancestral folklore with elements of modernity and surrealism. Influence is taken from travel, world textiles, childhood memories and television.”

You really see this mix of surrealism, children book like illustration and cultural art within her work. Her use of colour and pattern is very well thought out. And she has this ability of making her work look so easily put together, with the use of collage even though its all must have been meticulously thought out. Her work contains highly detailed characters that all seem to have their own enrapturing story waiting to be told.


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