Stuart Kolakovic

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“I find Illustration can be quite confining; having to adhere to quick turnarounds or very specific briefs. So I try to indulge myself as much as possible with other, more personal projects in my spare time.

A lot of my work is inspired by my interest in Eastern European folk art, which is something I discovered whilst researching a project about my family history. When I’m not drawing, I enjoy making music, reading, skating, complaining, feeling guilty for not working and pissing my friends off.

My working process is pretty stressful. I get very uncomfortable when I hear other artists talk about how much fun they have drawing. I feel the idea, narrative or message I’m trying to communicate through the commissioned drawing is the most important part of image making. So I spend a lot of time trying to hone down exactly what I’m trying to say using pages of thumbnail sketches until a solid image starts to form. This is fleshed out on nasty cheap A4 copy paper, inked up with a brush, scanned in and then coloured in on Potatoshop”

The fact that some of his work is inspired by his own research into his family history is one of those things that excites me as an artist using personal experience or history to inspire his work seems much more personal and I feel that this translates well through to his work. Also love his use of research to find these wonder full colours and patterns within his work.


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