Elliot Alfredius

tumblr_my1ym0Qm7X1rt0j1mo1_500 tumblr_mxn4z4Khmt1rt0j1mo1_500 tumblr_my45z9kv6A1rt0j1mo1_500

Elliot Alfredius’s fantasy character concept designs explore the variety and effectiveness of fully clothed female characters.

tumblr_mz1iiau6Kp1rt0j1mo1_500 tumblr_mzct4qOf0p1rt0j1mo1_500 tumblr_mzelk2uLjK1rt0j1mo1_500 tumblr_n04icaZ2aI1rt0j1mo1_500

Elliot exaggerated body characteristics, such as hight and size in away that does not hyper sexualise or objectify the women but rather adds to them as a character, for example the taller women could come from a more open plane of land and are used to more agility based survival than the stockier women who could have a stronger and more compact bodies do deal with climbing rocky terrain.

tumblr_mwxq6uliXz1rt0j1mo1_500-1 tumblr_mx6q5skRmW1rt0j1mo1_500-1 tumblr_mxfy4fLOOm1rt0j1mo1_500-1

What is so fantastic about his work is that he has crated women within a fantasy context that do not hold up to the stereotypical dehumanisation of women in fantasy. When usually women are put in next to nothing armour and given ridiculously large breast, it can discourage female players from choosing or even liking female charters as they do not represent the kinds of strong warrior women that would have truly existed within that world. Also men who play these games tend to be so use to these unrealistic, hyper sexualised versions of women in games that it leaks over into their real life expectations of women and leads to them seeing and acting towards women in a very sexist manner.

tumblr_mxfy4fLOOm1rt0j1mo1_500 tumblr_mxjqz7E0tH1rt0j1mo1_500 tumblr_mx6q5skRmW1rt0j1mo1_500 tumblr_mwxq6uliXz1rt0j1mo1_500

Another thing that is brilliant about the designs is that the women still retain feminine personalities; they don’t have to become “masculine” just because they look “manly”, it shows how strength does not rely on typical gender characteristics and is more to do with the person.tumblr_mwoez306jK1rt0j1mo1_500 tumblr_mwtp1u4dwo1rt0j1mo1_500 tumblr_inline_mwucbwRMOT1rn2drx tumblr_mwvtc5CwFh1rt0j1mo1_500

The only issue I have with his work is that these women are just put up against plain backgrounds and it would be interesting to see how he deals with putting them in different scenes and scenarios, looking at how they interact within hostile and friendly environments, gaining a better understanding of the characters personalities.







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