Everything I Can See From Here

This work came to be through the collaboration of multiple designers on no budget. It’s easy to see that this animation was made with themselves in mind, with the use of saying things like “head looks like a penis” within the concept art.  Though the piece has none of the traditional plot lines and has no resolution, it does set the scene of a dystopian future instantly with the use of a multiple greys within the colour plate, the lack of life within the first few scene changes and the use of sound effects, such as the wind which on its own, without any other noises sets an ominous atmospheres at the start of the animation.

Barry_model1 dog_model1 Big_guy_head kid_turnaround241111 Image018-colour Modelsheet_02_1024 Modelsheet_01_1024

The way the Alien ha been designed is one of my favourite (and least) parts of this animation. The creature is not designed into the stereotypical alien persona, it has very little human qualities that it is unable for the viewer to find any qualities to relate themselves to it, making the creature and the viewer unable to be emotionally connected and by doing this the creature becomes more terrifying. It’s actions unpredictable, there are not facial expressions or sound emitted from the creature to even indicate what it is going to do, which is unnerving, especially ad someone who fears the unknown; such as myself. The thing that was really neat that did was to give the illusion that the creature was slightly out of proportion to the rest  of it’s body (by our standard) but the BAM! the side view hows an incredibly disproportionate being and was so effective in causing a sense of unnerving shock that I had to stop the video and wander around my room to collect myself afterwards.

alien_sketch line_up_with_alien

The latter use of colour change within the creatures hair to indicate a change in mood, when it is attacked was a clever move as the illusion of unknowingness was not shattered by the opening of a orifice or the contortion of the face to show emotions. Along with the fact that the end shows the creature showing little remorse for it’s actions and just played with the ball afterwards gives off the idea that the creature is quite simple and has a limited range of emotions, so violence is a natural reaction when something alters a simple process, such as the dog stealing the ball and the man attacking him. This is honestly terrifying as it show that the creature is not some intelligent being but rather a simple creature with a gun.

Cleanup_approach_fill Colourkeys_01_1024




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Bjorn-Erik Aschim bjornsportfolio.com
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The Line Studio


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