” Manchester creative studio MARK has designed a set of stickers for Johnson & Johnson that celebrate everyday items invented by women, from windscreen wipers and chocolate chip cookies to the fire escape.

The stickers will be placed around Johnson & Johnson’s head office in Berkshire to raise awareness of International Women’s Day on March 8. The company is hosting a series of events to mark the date and wanted to increase staff engagement.

“We were given an open brief to devise a simple, impactful and quick to produce idea that would engage staff interest and create a curiosity about the day itself and the history behind it,” says MARK creative director Mark Lester. “People are then informed about specific events mostly through email,” he says.

Eight stickers have been designed in total and each uses elements of a visual system MARK created for Johnson & Johnson late last year – the studio also designed office graphics, induction packs, internal communications and iconography (see more pics on MARK’s website).

It’s a simple yet effective solution, and while it’s a shame the stickers won’t be appearing elsewhere in the UK, Lester says they will be applied to various desks, doors, kettles and other spaces at J&J’s headquarters.”

What MARK has done here is a very ingenious way of informing people about female inventors by integrating it into their lives via stickers on mundane objects, creating and easy to replicate form of informing the public.


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