Vera Bee

Vera Bee’s character styling a truly fantastical. Her women in dresses, which is an ongoing challenge that Vera and Emily Carroll do together, giving each other a dress from history to work with and then design a character around them. the way Vera brings personality and individuality to her characters is truly inspiring and although more decorative than functional I do prefer her style of illustration.

Bee’s  women are not plain weak templates of femininity the have personalities which are presented through the use of body language and facial expressions. She shows that femininity within female characters does not make the boring or submissive, it can be just one in a plethora of character trait that one person can posses. Take the girls braiding each others hair for example. The characters are not sexualised or posed in ways to emphasise their boobs or bums rather they’re hunches over, concentrating on the task in front they are women bonding together. These kinds of positive representations of female friendships and femininity are important for girls and women to see. It is them not seeing each other as competition but supporting on another through adversity.


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